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The Writing Path Newsletter

The Writing Path newsletter takes you on a gentle wander, offering reflections on walking and writing with some nice pictures - mostly of the West Oxfordshire countryside. Alison writes through the seasons of the year and the seasons of life. Once you subscribe (for free), you’ll receive an email once a week: either a piece on walking or some thoughts on writing aimed at aspiring and developing writers.

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Rereading Childhood Books: A Poetics
Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Childhood books play a special role in reading histories, providing touchstones for our future tastes and giving shape to our ongoing identities. Bringing the latest work in Memory Studies to bear on writers' memoirs, autobiographical accounts of reading, and interviews with readers, Rereading Childhood Books explores how adults remember, revisit, and sometimes forget, these significant books. 

In this original study, Alison Waller proposes a new critical term to categorize a popular and established genre in literature for teenagers: young adult fantastic realism. Constructing Adolescence in Fantastic Realism examines the fundamental themes that inform our understanding of "the teenager” – developmentalism, identity formation, social agency, and subjectivity in cultural space – and shows how they can also be found represented symbolically in fantastic tropes such as metamorphosis, time-slip, hauntings, doppelgangers, invisibility, magic gifts, and witchcraft.

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